A Glass Splashback For Your Kitchen

5 Great Reasons to Choose a Glass Splashback for Your Kitchen

Kitchens can get messy. It is an unavoidable fact of life. With all of that mixing, baking, stirring and frying going on, the last thing you want is for your kitchen walls to be damaged or discoloured. That’s where the glass splashback comes in.

Not only do splashbacks offer protection against the spills and splashes that occur during cooking, when chosen correctly it can also inject a touch of glamour & style into your kitchen area.

While there are lots of different materials on offer, choosing a glass splashback is a great option for a number of different reasons.

If you’re in the process of designing your new kitchen or thinking of renovating soon, make sure you check out the following 5 great reasons to choose a glass splashback for your kitchen.



As well as being extremely functional in nature, choosing the right glass splashback can be a great way to add an element of classy visual appeal to your kitchen.

With smooth, reflective surfaces and uninterrupted lines, glass splashbacks can simply and effectively improve the overall look of your kitchen area.

Opting for a mirror reflective finish for your kitchen splashback is also be a great way of creating the illusion of additional space.


Unlike the grout on a tiled splashback that can require some serious cleaning as it gets stained and dirty over time, glass splashbacks can be quickly and easily cleaned on a regular basis.

Just spray on some mild cleaning solution that is designed for glass surfaces, wipe them down and they will be back to looking brand new.

Made from toughened material, glass splashbacks are resistant to fading, rusting and discolouring (so they will hold onto their good looks while you are busy cooking up a storm!).


One of the main advantages of choosing a glass kitchen splashback is the wide range of choices.

No matter what styling you’ve gone for in your kitchen, chances are there is a coloured glass splashback out there that will match it perfectly.

This includes a range of solid & metallic colours and different mirrored finishes.

At Glazewell we can also offer amazing digital printed glass splashbacks allowing you to let your imagination run wild with images and designs that will really make your kitchen come alive.



Unlike other materials, glass splashbacks are relatively quick and easy to install.

Prefabricated and finished off site, they simply need to be fixed to the kitchen wall with approved silicone adhesive.



Because of their simple construction and ease of installation, glass splashbacks are often very competitively priced. They are a great way of adding a touch of luxurious glamour to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

With many years of experience supplying & installing glass splashbacks in Perth, at Glazewell we can help your kitchen be both highly functional and visually appealing for many years to come.

Get in touch with us today for more information on how we can supply and install the perfect glass splashback for you.