Semi-frameless Shower Screens vs Frameless Shower Screens

Semi-frameless shower screens give you a stylish shower screen that’s between a traditional framed screen and a contemporary completely frameless style. If you’re looking for something that gives you the best of both worlds, you might consider a semi-frameless screen when you next replace your shower screen or install a new shower. When you’re trying to make your choice, it’s important to understand the difference between a fully frameless shower screen and a semi-frameless screen. They offer slightly different options, which both have their benefits. Take a look at how they differ to find out more and decide which is right for you.


The first thing to understand about the difference between semi-frameless and frameless screens is the way that they look. A frameless shower screen has no frame at all and is built from thicker glass than other types of screen. It uses metal clamps and joints to create a structure that doesn’t need a frame. A semi-frameless shower screen has both frameless and framed edges to the glass, although which edges have frames can vary. They can still offer the transparency of a frameless screen, with a contemporary look, and they can offer some other advantages that make them a good choice too.



When it comes to installation, putting in a new shower screen usually isn’t too difficult. However, a completely frameless shower screen might be slightly easier to install than a semi-frameless screen. This is because a semi-frameless shower screen tends to have more parts that need to be fitted together. Frameless screens don’t have any parts for the frame, and only require clamps and other small pieces of hardware to hold them together. However, a semi-frameless shower screen needs to be fitted more precisely so that all of the pieces go together well and don’t leave any gaps. Semi-frameless screens are a good choice for uneven walls or showers installed at an angle, such as in roof areas or small bathrooms.

Cleaning and Maintenance


Both a semi-frameless screen and a frameless shower screen will make your bathroom easier to clean. A frameless shower screen has fewer edges that need to be cleaned, but a semi-frameless screen is still easier to clean when compared to traditional framed screens. The frameless style will make it even easier to keep your shower clean, but it doesn’t mean that cleaning a semi-frameless screen is difficult. Maintenance is easy for both styles as well, both offering options that don’t require a lot of care.


Durability is an essential factor to consider when you install a new shower screen. One of the things to take into account with semi-frameless and frameless styles is the thickness of the glass. Both feature thick glass, but frameless styles have thicker glass. This is essential for the style because the glass needs to be thick to maintain structural integrity and provide safety. This makes frameless shower screens more expensive. When installed properly, both options are durable and safe for your bathroom. Sometimes hardware might need to be replaced to keep everything in good condition.



If you want to choose the most affordable option, semi-frameless shower screen are usually the better choice. They don’t require the glass to be as thick as is necessary with frameless screens, so you can save some money by choosing a semi-frameless shower screen over a frameless one. You can still enjoy the visual cleanness that a frameless shower screen gives you, but the lower cost makes it an attractive option. There’s still plenty of choice when it comes to style too.

Choice of Style


You will always have a range of options when you’re choosing the right style for your shower. Both frameless and semi-frameless shower screen can provide ways for you to customise your shower and get the look that you want. However, there can sometimes be occasions when it’s more suitable to install one or the other. For example, some types of shower door will require a semi-frameless style for you to be able to install them. Both options will allow you to choose the shapes, colours and textures that fit into the vision for your bathroom. It’s up to you whether you prefer the look of a semi-frameless or frameless screen.

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